Brian Babiak M.D. was born in Washington, D.C. After receiving degrees in quantum physics and chemistry at Georgetown University, Dr. Babiak received his medical degree from the Georgetown University School of Medicine. After studying family medicine and diagnostic imaging with Alton Ochsner/Tulane in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Babiak completed his residency in General Psychiatry with distinction at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. In addition to being selected to serve as Professor of Consultation and Liason Psychiatry at Louisiana State University, Dr. Babiak completed ground breaking research in functional brain imaging and was awarded the Southern Association of Research Psychiatry award for his work on the genetics and biochemistry of schizophrenia. In clinical practice, Dr. Babiak has taken his solid scientific foundation to the communities of Louisiana and then New York, seeing challenging adult and child populations in many settings and earning a reputation for being a thoughtful, attentive and compassionate psychiatrist. Dr. Babiak lives with his wife of almost thirty years, and together they have two grown children of whom they are very proud. Dr. Babiak enjoys his hobbies of walking in nature and playing various musical instruments. As a unique psychiatrist, Dr. Babiak's care combines the forefront of modern medicine with traditional and holistic approaches, aiming at the goal of a balanced and rewarding life for himself and the people he serves.


Brian Babiak M.D. 
            Psychiatrist, Adults and Children

About Dr. Babiak

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